Tuesday, May 21, 2013



Here's the deal. I made a soft scarf. It was crocheted during my free time in NYC recently. Also, I just have a bunch of fun stuff laying around. Stuff I'd like to give to someone. So I'll probably throw in some other junk.

Here's another thing. I love Haikus. Especially funny ones. But serious ones are pretty great as well. 

And I love movies. And I love hearing what movies YOU love.

So what we're going to do is this. I am going to start a Twitter contest. Here are the rules:

1. Write a haiku that fits within the 140 character Twitter limit. It does not necessarily have to be in the 5-7-5 format. The haiku must be about your favorite movie. You do not need to mention the title of the movie if you don't feel it is necessary. What is necessary is that you love your movie enough to write a haiku about it.

2. Post it on Twitter by Monday, May 27th. You must include my twitter handle at the end of the tweet, otherwise I will never see it. It is @Robyn_ONeil

Here's my page: https://twitter.com/Robyn_ONeil

3. That's all there is. If you win, I will DM you via twitter asking you for your mailing address so I can send the stuff to you! This is going to be so much fun.

I love you.

Here are some pictures of the scarf. All dog hair has been removed. And really he only wore this scarf for a mere 20 seconds. 

p.s. this is very high quality yarn. I know because I didn't even have enough money to buy it. I put it on credit. Which is dumb. I realize. But I'm daring like that when it comes to buying yarn. 


Murder,rape, mayhem. Lovely, lovely, Ludwig Van. Smashing eggy weggs

Mom died, so depressed. You laughed while Arthur humped me. We're clearly soul mates.

I'll shoot your pimp dead. The cocaine will sell itself. Glad we both love pie.

Danny and Sandy Together, Alone. Prom night. T-Birds, Pink Ladies

Nobody’s perfect. You don’t understand, Osgood Aww, I’m a man.

Eighties L.A. guy American Gigolo Wore Armani socks.

My parents are pigs. I'm in love with a river; Haku, not haiku.

My No-Face stalker Is ever so hungry but dumpling makes him puke.

Boulevard du Crime Garance, Baptiste, Frédérick Garance / carriage / seul

The swamps of sadness And the southern oracle I'm late for math class -the neverending story

Blonde bangs in the night, 
Bike more powerful than a Miyagee Turbo. 
I want that red jacket.

I wrote a hit play. I lied about a hand job. Perfect attendance.

Bitchy slutty Judy Angelaaaaa! Oh Angelaaaaa! She has a penis.

Breathing. Heaving breaths. Flames on the side of my face. Mrs. White, you cray.

Do not go in the Swamp of Sadness. The turtle can't help you, Artax.

e'vry man relives history
his story moves mine play
(on) ground hog day

Goodbye Horses plays. Lip gloss, check. Eye shadow, check. Time to tuck the junk.

Tiny wise Oz man. 
Yellow road to happiness. 
Ruby poppies sleep.

chase embrace becomes see you in the next life Jack on a midnight run

Wipe from front to back Or you will be sure to get A yeast infection

Spacey computer
Sam Rockwells, a bunch of clones
roving 'round the Moon

Traveling 88
Takes you forward and backward
Right, Michael J. Fox?